Leadership Principles, successfully practiced for more than 30 years



Keep the organization focused on the relative few things that are most important.

Few, if any, corporations, have ever suffered from lack of opportunities, but corporations have died from lack of focus


Results Orientation

Make every part of the organization know, that every action taken has to contribute to the overall results for the corporation. Make sure that individuals, teams, departments and management knows what is considered as good results.


Customer Orientation

Constantly make the entire organization, from R&D to collection, aware that the customers have a changing demand and that they have options



Share as much as possible with the entire organization. And ensure a large degree of openness between individuals, teams departments and managers



Inspect processes and results and create an environment where inspection is accepted.

By doing that you develop people to become accountable for their own results and inspection



Create a culture with high ethics. When changes are necessary people respect and accept if they are carried out with honesty and dignity